Who Are The Kelts?

The Cincinnati Kelts play in the Midwest and Ohio Rugby Unions. We have 2 full sides, a men's side (Division III), and a women's side (Division II), as well as our Old Boys/Old Girls sides for those that are past their prime.. We play two seasons: the Fall season in which we play division matches and the Spring season where social and playoff matches are scheduled. The Kelts play for the fun and the spirit of Rugby. We follow the motto "Work Hard, Play Hard."

The Kelts offer a great mix of people from various careers and backgrounds including lawyers, roofers, bankers, IT, PhDs, pipe fitters, etc. We have alumni from Ohio State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio U., Miami U., UC, XU, among others. We also host several players from various foreign clubs.

Do I Want To Be A Kelt?

  • We are looking for athletes. Rugby experience is not a priority. We are sure to take the time to teach the sport to those that are new and refresh the minds of those that have been away for a while.
  • The Kelts field competitive teams and we strive to play a high level of rugby. We work hard on the pitch to have more fun afterwards.
  • Out travel is light compared to that of a DI rugby club. You are not obligated to travel every weekend, shell out thousands of your own money, and make every single practice. We realize that people have families and jobs that should be their number one priority.
  • Kelts dues are $100 per season. Compared to many clubs, this is pretty inexpensive. For that $100, new players will receive shorts and socks, and everyone enjoys the post-match parties. We also offer social memberships that start at $25.

How Do I Get Involved?

The Kelts are always looking for new people to join our club. The men and women are always looking for players, coaches, administrators, sponsors, and last but not least, supporters.

Both teams practice every Tuesday and Thursday at Sherman Field from 6:30 to 8:30 with a few pints afterwards. All men and women are invited to come out and play and get to know the game and the members of the Cincinnati Kelts.

Please take the time to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.